Fundraise for IM ABLE

New this year, the IM ABLE Foundation is asking for your help, beyond registering and participating in one of the best races in the region: Fundraise for IM ABLE. Not only will you make it possible for IM ABLE to provide adaptive equipment and exercise opportunities but, thanks to our sponsors and partners, we’ll hook you up with some gear and up your Triathlon game.

What’s in it for you, beyond knowing you’re helping people with disabilities participate in races alongside their able-bodied peers? The top fundraisers will earn gear that will improve their next race. And, if this peer-to-peer fundraising goes really well, we’re going to make this completely free for all participants next year. Yep, at IM ABLE, we want to end our relationship with you as a customer and start a new one where you are a gracious supporter.

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#1 Individual Fundraiser: Cervelo P5


You know you’ve been eyeing this baby up since you were bit by the Triathlon bug. The top fundraising individual will earn a custom fit Cervelo bike.

Fine print:
Heck yeah we want to give you a P5. Buuuut this is the first year we’re doing this so we have no idea how motivated you are to help people with disabilities. It’s all we think about at IM ABLE all day, every day so we’re hoping you’re ready to make a big difference.

    – If the top fundraiser raises over $10,000, he/she gets a P5
    – If the top fundraiser raises over $5,000, he/she will get a brand new P3
    – If the top fundraiser raises over $2,500, he/she will get a brand new P2

Also, we will custom order the bike to your size so, unless the top fundraiser has a clear lead well before the race, we’ll have to order the bike after the event and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

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#2 Individual Fundraiser: Carbon Rims

Carbon Rims

Stranger at a gas station: “Carbon fiber rims, huh?”
You: “That’s right.”
S: “Great. They your’s?”
Y: “Uh huh.”
S: “Both of them?”
Y: “Yeah…”
S: “Cool.”

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#3 Individual Fundraiser: Wetsuit

Wet Suit

Long sleeve or short sleeve, your choice.

Again, since we’ll have to get your size, we’ll order the wetsuit after the race and have it shipped to your house, after we get a big fat Got the Nerve logo screen-printed on it of course.

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Everyone who raises over $500 receives $100 gift card to Lancaster Velo or Lancaster Recumbent

Raise over $500 and we’ll hook you up with a $100 gift card for whatever piece of gear you’ve been saving up for:

Lancaster Velo carries triathlon specific bike and clothing lines so that you can train and compete with the best gear on the market.

Lancaster Recumbent is the mid-Atlantic’s largest stocking dealer for recumbent bicycles and sells a bunch of quality gear too.

Lancaster Recumbent

Lancaster Velo

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