Your participation in the Got the Nerve? Triathlon provides support to the IM ABLE Foundation. The mission of the IM ABLE Foundation is to remove obstacles that prevent people affected by disabilities from being physically active by providing grants, resources, fitness opportunities and motivation. We change attitudes about the potential of disabled individuals by redefining what is possible. The IM ABLE Foundation traditionally hosts two fundraising events each year: the Got the Nerve? Triathlon typically takes place every May and the RU Able Duathlon in September.

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About Chris Kaag
Founder & President of IM ABLE Foundation

“In 1997, I was an active twenty-one-year-old U.S. Marine when I was presented with the “defining moment” of my life. I was diagnosed with AMN (adrenomyeloneuropathy), a degenerative nerve condition that would eventually affect my ability to walk. After my diagnosis, I had a decision to make: give up and let my condition control my life or dig deep and push on. I chose the latter, and through my choice to view my disability as a personal stepping-stone and not as a crutch, I hope to motivate others, both disabled and able-bodied, to redefine the way they view their own personal challenges. We all have obstacles, but it is up to the individual to take that next step. The goal of the IM ABLE Foundation is to help all individuals, disabled and able-bodied, realize the potential to go further and push harder than their preconceived limits, because once this potential is realized, the possibilities are endless.”